If repairs to Bulgaria military aircraft done in Poland, some BGN 20 mn to be saved: minister

30 Септември, 2015 - 09:18 - Klassa.bg Rss - всички новини

“It is important for Bulgaria to rely on Poland as an ally in the frames of NATO to repair the engines of our military aircraft and so that things are more certain and cheaper for Bulgarian taxpayers,” said Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Daniel Mitov, speaking Wednesday for the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR).
He stated he hoped the repairs to Bulgarian MiG-29s would take place soon.
Mitov recalled an official letter had been received from the Russian RSK MiG company over the aircraft in question.
“Our agreement with them expired on September 9 and, on top of that, no matter how much it is claimed the RSK’s price is lower, it is not for Russia charges VAT, while Poland does not as an EU member state. For us, this is a geostrategic choice besides being a cheaper option,” Bulgaria’s top diplomat added, commenting if the repairs were done in Poland, some BGN 20 million would be saved.
“This leads to the question of why this was not done earlier and why anyone else was not selected to repair the MiG-29 engines as well as where this money went,” Mitov demanded to know.

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