Bulgaria minister on MiG-29 aircraft: Poland capable of modernisation by NATO standards

27 Септември, 2015 - 11:07 - Klassa.bg Rss - всички новини

 Bulgarian Minister of Defence Nikolay Nenchev has presented his position on a letter of Sergey Korotkov, Director General of the Russian RSK MiG company, to General Miho Mihov, Chairperson of the Bulgarian parliamentary Defence Committee, the news about which was reported in various media.Minister Nenchev said: “Since the beginning of my mandate I have been following a consistent policy on Bulgaria’s closer integration with NATO and reducing our dependence on third countries,” the press centre of the ministry announced.On the strength of Council Decision 2014/512/CFSP of July 31, 2014 concerning measures against Russia, we cannot continue carrying out repairs to and maintenance of our equipment in Russia.A country cannot be part of the EU and NATO and continue being dependent on countries outside these communities.Namely due to this, Bulgaria turned to the Republic of Poland over the repairs to the MiG-29 aircraft.It itself engages in a full range of activities to maintain the good working order and airworthiness of MiG-29 aircraft. At present we are holding negotiations on an agreement with the Republic of Poland so that it provides us with the same range of activities related to the maintenance of our MiG-29 fighter jets. Poland is also capable of their modernisation by NATO standards, the Bulgarian minister believes.

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