Bulgaria has obligations not to allow arms transpiration to Syria

11 Септември, 2015 - 09:14 - Klassa.bg Rss - всички новини

At the request of Russia the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a meeting of representatives of the Consular Relations Directorate with diplomats from the Embassy of the Russian Federation, the press office of the Foreign Ministry announced.
At the meeting the Russian representatives required explanation in connection with the refusal to give permission for military-transport aircrafts of the Russian Air Force to fly through the Bulgarian airspace in the time period between September 1 and September 24.
The Russian representatives were provided with the needed explanation. Bulgaria took advantage of the meeting to yet again present Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov’s proposal for the Russian aircrafts said to be transporting humanitarian aid to Syria to undergo checks at a Bulgarian airport, as Bulgaria undertakes the engagement to realise the inspection on the shipment as fast as possible.
The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs seized the opportunity to firmly refute the suggestions made by the spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs about our country’s position.
Bulgaria has never and will not hamper the transit of humanitarian aid to Syria and the friendly Syrian nation through its territory. At the same time Bulgaria has international-legal obligations not to allow the transportation of arms for the regime in Syria under official decisions of the European Union.

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