More than 140,000 Bulgarians left without water supply

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The water supply to 60 municipalities, 5 towns and 120 villages with a population of over 143,000 people was cut off. This was announced by Angel Prestoyski, CEO of the Water Supply and Sewerage Company (ViK) in Vratsa and Chairman of the Union of Water Operators in Bulgaria, who commented on the reasons for the current state of the water supply on BNR. As of Monday, the water supply to the town of Lovech will also be cut off.
Drinking water supply facilities were built 50 or 60 years ago and most of these are already obsolete. The reasons for the lack of water and the measures taken vary among various towns and villages. The main question is whether there is water in nature and whether it is necessary to build dams and water-collection systems. “However, in small towns and villages, there are other relevant issues as well, such as the culture of water consumption and the organisation of and defects in the operation of water supply and sewerage companies,” Mr. Prestoyski said.
According to Mr. Prestoyski, mayors' ordinances banning the use of drinking water for garden irrigation are being violated. Measures against offenders are not taken because the offenders are often relatives of the mayors themselves. “Water consumption for lawn irrigation around houses is greater than water consumption for vegetable crop irrigation,” Mr. Prestoyski specified.
Opportunities will be provided by the new investment planning system when water cycle investment planning will be implemented. Water cycles in Vratsa and Gabrovo are an example of that. In these cases, funds are being earmarked for both conductive water pipes and for building the entire water supply system. “Unfortunately, water supply and sewerage companies are not seen as subjects of investment because they post very low profits and cannot put aside money to invest in the water supply,” the Chairman of the Union of Water Operators explained.

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