The Bulgarian Ombudsman recommended that the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works should amend some of the terms and conditions in the Ordinance on the Accession of the Users and Usage of Water and Sewerage Systems. This was announced by the office of the Ombudsman, Konstantin Penchev, reported BTA (Bulgarian Telegraph Agency).
Penchev proposed that a fair regulation should be introduced on the manner of distribution of the water consumption expenditures on general water consumption. According to him, the consumption of users is determined on the basis of reading the indications of individual water meters. Loyal subscribers insist that they should be charged only for their liabilities based on the indications of the individual water meters and object against the extra financial burden at the expense of unfair users, argued the Ombudsman.
Penchev also recommended that timely inspections should be carried out on the water and sewerage (WS) network in the condominium association on the part of WS operators. He also proposed reducing the period for the reading of water meters in the absence of the user, which currently does not exceed one year. He also proposed that all subscribers with malfunctioning water meters should be authorised to apply for the mounting of regular water meters. The Ombudsman also demanded that the liability of users should be revoked in case of a frozen water meter in the winter because users cannot be held liable for unfavourable weather conditions.
Penchev also insisted that users should be informed in an adequate way for any suspension of the water supply in case of emergency, regardless of the time required for its removal. The current regulated right of the water and sewerage companies to stop the water supply and discharge without prior notification to the users in case of removal of the malfunctions in the plumbing systems within an 8-hour deadline seriously violates the right of users to have information,'' reckoned Penchev.

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